RITA'S CAREER as a make-up artist began to emerge more than
a decade ago when she was growing up in Los Angeles. As a youngster, she put her artistic inclination to use by doing the make-up of the neighborhood children. As a teenager, she did the make-up of her mother and her mother's friends before a night on the town.

Over the many years of working as a make-up artist, Rita has developed extensive experience working with different photographers, actors, brides, schools and others that are interested in developing greater expertise in choosing, applying, and wearing make-up that matches their skin type, personality, and lifestyle.

She has used many products and has found that some of these products work better than others do. The experience of sampling different products informed her decision to develop her own make-up line, "MAKE-UP BY RITA", that works well with people of varying skin types, age, and color. The makeup Rita created lasts all day and all night, with minimal touch-ups, and still looks great.

"Having great make-up is very important.
But knowing how and where to put it is key."

RITA TAKES GREAT PRIDE in sharing her tips, techniques, and products with other make-up artists, as well as her expertise with clients. Passing on knowledge to others is one of her favorite aspects of being a make-up artist. She frequently facilitates small seminars, make-up classes, and individual make-up lessons for those that are interested in looking their best.

"It's very rewarding to make brides, and their family and friends,
feel special and look great. Not only for that moment, but for
their everlasting photographs."
RITA IS VERY EXPERIENCED with bridal make-up and works year round with brides of different ages. She has not only worked with the bride, but also the mother-of-the-bride and other bridal attendants to prepare them to look their best on the wedding day and in the photographs. Rita has a calm, relaxing demeanor that often provides many brides with the extra added reassurance that they are in great hands!

"My Make-Up Is For You."

THE STUDENT who wants to keep it simple, yet hip.

THE PROFESSIONAL woman who needs to have current colors and styles without looking made up.

THE ACTRESS or actor who
needs to look professional when auditioning.

THE YOUNG MOM who doesn't have much time for make-up but still
wants to look refreshed with new color and eyes that sparkle.

THE FREE SPIRIT who would like to dance all night without worrying about reapplication.

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