"My Make-Up Is For You."


Rita Montanez

    No wonder our readers love her: Rita Montanez has been making up actors for more than 30 years. She started as a secretary for Max Factor, then began assisting in advertising and loved the way the makeup artists worked. Given the opportunity to follow them around and learn, she took in the best of the best.

    Since then, she has made up stars including Michael J. Fox, Lisa Hartman Black, Cesar Millan (the dog whisperer), and Angelina Jolie for years, she says. You can se her work every weekday in the opening titles of The Bold and the Beautiful.

    The biggest mistake she sees actors making is using too much makeup. She suggests a light concealer. "I live to use Dermalolgica products," says
Montanez, especially its eye-firming gel, which she mixes with the concealer. She suggests a light application over the face, topped with a light powder. "Then brush the eyebrows," she advises.

    For a photo shoot, go a little bit heavier, she says. "Put a lot of emphasis on eyes, men and women. Curling the lashes is very important, using clear mascara for men." She also uses a little eye shadow for both - to give the eyes "a little zip." The correct color of shadow depends on skin color, but in general she recommends something natural.At photo shoots, she uses soft colors for women, lip balm for men. "Emphasis is always on the eyes," she cautions.For stage, it's "a different ballgame." She goes heavy on blush, heavy on eyes. "Some people like to watch actors mouthing the words, so everything has to be very intense," she says.

    As for products, she uses rice powder, which can be bought at beauty
supply stores for less than $5. Brushes help makeup go on evenly; sponges, she says waste makeup. Blending with the fingers is the best finishing touch.

    Removal should be by warm washcloth, patting the face and not pulling at it. She likes using Cetaphil, under $10 at drugstores, which she says is gentle and nonabrasive.

Montanez says she is happy to give advice if anyone wants to contact her, at www.makeupbyrita.com.

By: Dany Margolies
Backstage West
May 10-16, 2007

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